It’s an honor for me to introduce you the 4th edition of Music is Color with the world-renowned dj Lefto. Over 10 years ago, in the famous Music Mania record store in Brussels, I heard for the first time Lefto play. Impressed by his technics, his selections and his enthusiasm to share music, I stayed in the shop and browsed through shelves of records and listened to his set.
Since then, I have followed his constant elevation by listening his weekly radio show on Studio Brussel, his events in partnership with Democrazy in Gent, those in the AB and Beurs in Brussels  or at Dour festival, etc.

Today, he is one of the most important reference in terms of musical discoveries.
This Early Bird spreads the words and creates colorful and spiritual journeys through harmoniously assembled tracks, forever moving forward but always with an ear to the past; boarding the crowd through a fabulous universal language beyond the everyday life.
Thanks for listening ! San

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