I’m proud to introduce the 6th MUSIC IS COLOR edition featuring DJ RUSTAM OSPANOFF from Kazakhstan!

Listen to his mix and you’ll feel why we’re a good match: he loves to play just as much as I love to paint!
During the creation process of his portrait, Rustam and myself had many interesting conversations around the correlation between music and painting. We drew parallels between the conception process of a musical mix and that of a painting, concluding that both disciplines followed the same thought process, which is the search for balance and harmony but most importantly, the expression of feelings and sentiments through colours, be they musical or pictorial.
Rustam Ospanoff’s mix is a voyage with selected and purist numbers, ranging from Electronic to Rap, HipHop, Beats and House. The mix feels like a radiant travel so rich in emotions; it’s a generous invitation to discover his world while he gradually lead us from darkness to the light.

Rustam Ospanoff is a music event producer, promoter & taste-maker. He attends special events, concerts as well as his radio show since 2000, in addition to being a club DJ. Originally from Kazakhstan, he is recognized far beyond its borders for his music prowess. His international reputation has come partly from hundreds of connections he’s made with musicians and DJs in the United States, Europe, Japan and elsewhere. The Jazzystan music festivals he created has transformed him from a musical statesman to a tastemaker on the Kazakhstan’s performance scene.

Watch this space!

Oil painting on canvas 60 x 60 CM ©SANDRINE ASTIER 2016 Pic by @Thomas Marchal 2016

Oil painting on canvas 60 x 60 CM ©SANDRINE ASTIER 2016
Pic by @Thomas Marchal 2016

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